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Life is Complicated...
20 April
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Hmmm...I hate these things. My name is Adwin and I am 15 years old. I live in Tampa, Florida and attend the worst school in the world "Sickles High School." You will hear me complain about school ALOT. I don't know the exact reason why i hate High School, maybe its the people...or thats just not where i want to be. I'm African American, and very religious. I like spending time with my friends...blah blah blah. I complain alot in my journal...not because i'm sick on the inside or anything...I just seemed to be more relaxed when i let things out, whether it be talking or writing. Thats all i can really think of at the moment. if you have more, just ask me.

There are all lot of things i don't like, sorry. hahaha, what can I say?
- Racist
- People who snore
- Flamers
- People who aren't unique
- Trends
- People who chew with their mouths open
- jealously
- People who do stupid things for attention
- Girls who act ditzy because they think guys like it. we don't.
- People who smell
- People who makeout in public
- Any form of regurtitation
- Arguements
- Biology
- Drinkers/Smokers
- Stingy People
- Abercrombie and Fitch
- Rude People
- People who pick on other people...just for fun.

I also like alot of things...haha.
- friends
- family
- movies
- hollywood
- electronics
- graphics
- PSP8
- Animation Shop
- Computer
- The Sims
- Clothes
- Television
- Acting
- performing
- Being the center of attention.
- doing things i shouldn't do...
- eating
- cooking
- Rap
- Hip Hop
- R&B
- JoJo
- Tyra Banks
- Eminem
- When people argue in front of me
- Watching stand-up
- Concerts
- Watching people fist fight
- Way to much other things to name...

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